El feminismo y los estudios de género

El feminismo y los estudios de género

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Adriana Renné Tobos Vergara
Ángela Paola Ochoa Gaitán
Lizeth Cristina Martínez Baquero
Liliana Paola Muñoz Gómez
Mildred Alexandra Vianchá Pinzón


This article reveals a reflection on the emergence of gender studies linked to the ideas of feminism. It starts with a brief definition about the concept, as evidenced in the historical overview of countries such as England, France and United States, as well as the main approaches and achievements established over time; subsequently settles the differentiation of the category gender as a starting point in the study of women, masculinity and the subsequent development of the Queer theories. Finally highlights the importance of gender in the approach to sexuality studies.


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