La depresión: una realidad masculina

La depresión: una realidad masculina

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Nubia Álvarez Vargas
Ángela Paola Ochoa Gaitán


 Currently Depression is a serious mental health problem, which significantly affects the individuals; thus requires an appropriate psychological management. Numerous studies have been conducted around this problem which repeatedly shows the presence of depression in women more than in men. However, considering that in the male population has increased the risk of the disease, especially if you consider that has not produced a specific etiology of depression in the male population; making it difficult for mental health professionals make diagnoses and treatments. Thus, the present study aims to determine the existence of depression in male employees of an institution of higher education. The research corresponds to a non-experimental cross-sectional design, quantitative and descriptive approach. The non-random sample of intentional or convenience way consisted of 45 men. The instrument of data collection is known as CDH (Questionnaire depression for men) through which to assess depressive symptoms in adolescent and adult men. Partial results helped identify 44% no depression, 40% mild depression, 11% with moderate depression and 5% severe depression. The discussion and analysis of the results will be finalized on completion of the implementation phase. 

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